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No matter the competition, IAME races to lead. IAME’s commitment to Racing industry dates back to the dawn of the company, it is constantly growing and testified through the many world titles won over the years. The work of a Racing Department technician is not an easy task. The research of new solutions, the development on test bench, track tests carried alongside of the best partners, up to the final and most severe test of the CIK competitions, are only few passages of a hard work carried out with passion and devotion to ensure the most competitive engines in the world and a benchmark for all to see.



CIK is one of the sporting Commissions of the FIA. The object of the CIK is to develop, promote, co-ordinate and regulate Karting-related activities around the world, respecting the principles enacted by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). CIK is the promoter of the World and European Championships as well as other international sanctioned events.

IAME is one of the CIK/FIA registered Karting engine manufactures and boasts World Champion engines among the many engine homologations occurred. IAME has left its heavy mark in the hall of fame of Karting in all the classes that have developed through the years: 100cc ICA, 135cc Formula K, Formula A, the recent KF, in the last generation OK/OKJ and last but not least in KZ and Endurance Series. The IAME Racing Department is synonymous of victory and the choice of the best teams and drivers in the world.




The X30 is a concept IAME started developing in 2005, with the launch of the X30 125cc engine on the French market. From those days to nowadays the X30 project has grown to an unimaginable magnitude. Beside a full engines range destined to stock class series, the X30 is now a full racing program with more than 25 countries running an X30 Challenge, either at Federative or at private level. With a class structure covering all ages from 8 years old, 6 different engine models in the range, two International events and several continental events, the X30 World is one of the most diffused and successful Racing concepts in the Karting scenario. Thanks to stable and strong regulations and a standard model adopted by each country racing an X30 series, the X30 World is a globally diffused project that guarantees success to all organizers and national Federations. The stability in the engines production, only minor changes applied to the engines from year to year, and the possibility to race any chassis brand, are the keys of the success of the IAME concept. Last but not least, the prize pool IAME provides to each X30 Challenge and each X30 main event contribute to complete a very satisfactory offer.


IAME KARTING | X30 Challenge Italy
IAME KARTING | X30 Challenge France
IAME KARTING | X30 Challenge Belgium
IAME KARTING | X30 Challenge Germany
IAME KARTING | X30 Challenge Switzerland
IAME KARTING | X30 Challenge United Kingdom
IAME KARTING | X30 Challenge Spain
IAME KARTING | X30 Challenge Portugal
IAME KARTING | X30 Challenge Finland
IAME KARTING | X30 Challenge Norway
IAME KARTING | X30 Challenge Denmark
IAME KARTING | X30 Challenge Greece
IAME KARTING | X30 Challenge Ireland
IAME KARTING | X30 Challenge Australia
IAME KARTING | X30 Challenge USA
IAME KARTING | X30 Challenge Japan
IAME KARTING | X30 Challenge
IAME KARTING | X30 Challenge Singapore
IAME KARTING | X30 Challenge Malaysia
IAME KARTING | X30 Challenge Lebanon
IAME KARTING | X30 Challenge Jordania
IAME KARTING | X30 Challenge UAE
IAME KARTING | X30 Challenge Colombia
IAME KARTING | X30 Challenge Peru
IAME KARTING | X30 Challenge Sweden
IAME KARTING | X30 Challenge Taiwan


“The IAME International Open is the CIK appoved racing event mainly destined to European drivers. Along the editions, this race has reached a level almost comparable to IAME International Final, attracting drivers coming from all around the world.
The event is hosted on challenging circuits in South Europe and deploys X30 Junior, X30 Senior, X30 Master, X30 Super and X30 Super Shifter classes, also awarding special prizes to the best X30 Lady and X30 Veteran drivers.


“IAME International Final, the so called “Event of The Year”  is the CIK appoved event destined to worldwide IAME Drivers. Traditionally hosted in Le Mans, just few steps from the renowned 24 Hours temple of Motorsport, this incredible Karting event welcomes the best drivers from worldwide IAME championships. With full grids in the different X30 classes and limited accees, only the top drivers from each country are allowed to participate; only the very best and the very brave have the possibility to try to step on the highest step of the podium. The IAME International Final is a festival dedicated to Karting, a unique event, a “must” in the career of every Karting enthusiast.