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IAME - Company


A great man’s dream, to allow any enthusiast to compete in Motorsport, became a reality with the birth of IAME in 1968. Paving a star-studded path with over 27 world titles and manufacturing over six thousand engines a year, IAME is the world leader in Karting engines. After attaining nearly 50 years of history, 55 employees, over 30 models of engines from 60cc to 175cc and a worldwide network, IAME is undoubtedly the most renowned and trusted brand in its field. Motorsports’ most famous drivers began their careers in Karting, and IAME is the brand that led them to success.
IAME is dynamic and flexible, offering modern products and superb service.

IAME - Company


With decades of experience manufacturing Karting engines, IAME has adopted the highest quality and accuracy standards. The process begins by utilizing three-dimensional design and structural analysis software, and ends on the inertial and braked-type test benches, with final destination being the racetrack. Qualified and experienced technicians consistently supervise the highly automated factory, equipped with the latest generation technology that guarantees the consistent and repeatable performance of its products. IAME’s strategic departments, from the Technical, on to Research and Development, Quality Control, Production, Racing Services, Logistics, Sales & Marketing, interact with each other to create a seamless structure that follows each product from the design stage to the racing customer.
IAME engines rightfully deserve their stellar reputation, solidified by dedicated and skilled personnel, and a passion for pure karting.